Sunday, May 3, 2015

2 weeks and 2 days

It has been 2 weeks and 2 days since I confronted my husband about his affair.  An affair I knew he had been having for months.  How deep it actually went I didn't know.  I knew of 4 months, how funny that is.  That was only the half of it.
My my my has my world changed.  He has since moved out, going from our 3 bedroom brick home to living in our camper at an RV park.  My children, 3 boys, are dealing with understanding how "daddy didn't make good choices".  I am dealing with how the one person I never thought would cheat on me did.
It is hard dear readers.  LOL, all 3 of you, maybe.  It is hard.  One thing I will say for myself is I am a survivor.  I have been through so much more than this.  My biological father cheated on my mother, during both of their marriages.  My Dad, read granddad, passed away 2 years ago next month.  I am a foster parent and CPS has literally showed up at my house one day and taken a baby that we thought would be ours forever.  This time is nothing but a stepping stone.
It has been years since I have written.  I miss writing.  I have so much to say.  I am not sure where this blog will take me.  I am not sure that anyone will ever read or if it is just word vomit for me to get stuff out.  All I know is that I am excited to be starting it and to see where it takes me.